April 7, 2017
20 days since
our Reunion.

Aloha everyone!
I retired on November 30. This is my farewell haka.
Sometimes I like to clown around during my presentations. It embarrasses Aileen. She says that it’s not appropriate in professional settings.
I made up this haka dance. I told the audience to imagine that I was a muscular Polynesian, that I was not wearing my usual suit, only wearing a lava lava, that I had rippling biceps, a huge chest, and football player legs. Someone in the audience took this video unsolicited and then sent it to me. What a rascal!
Cyril Figuerres, PhD
Correlation Research

Lahaina Hongwanji Bond Dance 2016

The Class of 1966 has a paver at the Luna Stadium. Mahalo to Lanny for all his work.

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